UK Snow Forecast: Abnormal Weather Shakes Himalayan Jet Stream Causing Deep Freeze of -17 C | Weather | New

Snow threatens to cover swathes of the UK as the holiday season approaches amid warnings that a ‘Little Ice Age’ could herald one of the coldest and snowiest winters of the decade.

The blatant polar gales forecast before the end of the month could cause temperatures in parts of northern Britain to drop to -17C.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “Cold conditions over the next few days will set the stage for a number of widespread snow events in the last week of November through early December.

“During this time it will get significantly colder, and with a drop in solar activity, we are looking at a potential mini glacial winter.”

Brits are being warned to come out of winter coats with the mercury expected to dip after the weekend.

Some weather models show high pressure resulting in strong northerly and northeastern winds, according to the Met Office.

A complex chain of events triggered by unusually heavy rainfall over the Indian Ocean will rock the jet stream in the UK, triggering the cold snap, meteorologists warn.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “There could be some snow in places next week.

“Increased precipitation over the Indian Ocean has the potential to impact the jet stream that winds over the Himalayas.

“It could force the jet stream further south, bringing cold air south and a relatively warm system across the western Pacific.”

A huge explosion of energy will erupt from this change, fueling the jet stream as it nears the UK, he explained.

He said: “It’s a big change that we’re pretty sure will happen next week.

“The European weather model generates a high pressure system that is closer to the UK and opens the door to northerly winds and a cold snap.”

As the holiday season approaches, lurks a gigantic storm system that churns the ocean waters around the arctic region.

It threatens to pull another plume of freezing air across the UK, sending ground temperatures down to -17C in parts of the country.

Weather maps show the storm sweeping south-eastern Iceland and Greenland across Britain during the last week of November.

Early winter snow is now in the sights of many forecasters who agree that a cold snap is imminent.

Bitter “northern epidemics” threaten to put the nation on ice next week, according to Netweather.

A spokesperson said: “Confidence is low about how cold they will be, but there is significant potential for winter showers to affect the northern and eastern parts of the UK at some point … especially near the North Sea coasts, and a small chance of more extensive snowfall occurs if Atlantic depressions move through cold air.

Bookies have started betting on the coldest winter on record with Coral reducing the odds to 4/5.

Spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said: “We have had a warm November so far by usual standards, but a big frost is coming, and it won’t be here for the short term.

“We’re now making this winter a chance to enter the record books as the coldest we’ve ever had.”

The cold weather is expected to extend into December and throughout the month as the odds of a White Christmas continue to grow.

Mr. Madden added: “December currently seems to bring the cold of this month.

“Later in the month, there is the possibility of a cooler north-northeast influence that could linger for several weeks.”

Next week, temperatures will drop widely to or below freezing, as snow maps show Scotland and eastern, northern and central Britain are most at risk.

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