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Such is the probability of snow for elevated areas, Exacta Weather’s James Madden called the levels “significant”. He added that widespread frost is expected in several parts of the country as we head to Bonfire Night. Due to the frigid climate, Mr Madden said the UK would be ready for a “winter end” in the fall.

He said: “We could start to see significant snow events on higher ground.

“Looking at Bonfire Night there will be a risk of generalized frosts as we will get a taste of some early winter conditions.

“We’re about to see a change in the weather paving the way for a cold, wintry late fall.”

As forecaster WXCharts charts show, temperatures are expected to drop on November 5.

London is expected to drop to 2C (35.6F) in the morning, as many wake up from a widespread frost.

Most parts of southern England will also see the mercury drop to 2 ° C while temperatures in Wales will range from 2 to 4 ° C (35 to 39 ° F).

Temperatures in northern England will be slightly warmer with charts showing a range between 4-5C (39-41F).

In Scotland several areas will see 4C although the mercury will rise to 8C (46F) later today.

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For the period November 16-30, the forecast said: “Temperatures should be slightly below average overall throughout this period, with an increased likelihood of winter showers from the north and northwest at times. .

“These showers are most likely occurring in the heights with a low risk of reaching lower levels later in the month.

“Less windy than the week before, with thunderstorm conditions much less likely than usual.

“Little evidence suggests prolonged and widespread installation conditions, as there will often be areas of cloud, rain and showers.

“Any thinning that occurs gives way to frost and fog as expected for the time of year.

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