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Temperatures in Scotland are expected to drop to 6C by Wednesday this week, according to the latest charts on WX Charts. Cooler weather will spread across northern England with cities like Newcastle forecast for around 7 ° C.

At 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the cold front will also hit the whole of Wales with temperatures dropping to 7 ° C in North Wales.

As the week goes on, the weather will become increasingly colder, with the Scottish Highlands dropping to zero degrees on Thursday.

WX maps show the entire country in blue as temperatures continue to drop.

At noon on October 21, Newcastle and the north of England will see the time drop to 2C.

London and the South East will experience milder temperatures of around 5 ° C, but will still be colder as the end of October approaches.

However, the colder front will continue for the remainder of the month with the official onset of winter.

At the start of November, temperatures will remain freezing in the Scottish Highlands and northern England.

On November 1, at 6 a.m., temperatures will be zero degrees to 5 ° C across the country when the cold front arrives.

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“The latest indications suggest it is starting this week.

“A cold front will cross the UK on Tuesday and Tuesday evening with the onset of rains, some of which will turn stormy overnight in the Midlands and southern England.

“An area of ​​low pressure will cross the Channel on Wednesday with more rain for Wales, the Midlands and southern England.”

According to WX Charts, around 99mm of rain is expected to fall over the UK by October 24.

Stormy and cold weather will continue for the rest of October.

On October 27, approximately 196mm of rain will fall on October 27 at noon.

Mr Roys went on to say that there would be showers in the North West of England and the West of Scotland.

He continued: “Further south, this storm will bring damaging gusts of wind to northern France (for context).

“There will be persistent showers in England and Wales on Thursday morning, while lingering throughout the day in West Scotland.

“It will be the coldest day since spring for many places. Glasgow and Edinburgh will struggle to reach 10C, London will struggle to reach 12C in the afternoon.

“It would not be surprising to see snow showers occurring in the Scottish Highlands on Thursday.

“A break in the action will happen Friday through Saturday for many, while another cold front moves on Sunday with more rain.

“It appears to be setting for another volatile week for the UK for the last full week of October.”

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